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Sphere – Stunning Music Visualization That Reacts to Your Music

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Ever see those cool visualizers on youtube? You know the ones that respond to the different elements of the song?

Well now you can have a custom visualizer for any song.

Whether you’re a musician wanting a more professional presentation of your music, or just a music lover who likes to zone out to visuals with the music.

We will take your awesome music track and make it even better with a Visualization Video to match it!
That way you could have a cool YouTube HD video with your music instead of a plain background or text!

YouTube has over 1 billion unique views each month, it is proven, if your video is done professionally, they will bring those views to you. I will produce a video that will increase your view / like rates & turn those billion views into your track.
Create your own Music Visualization!

Basic video includes your song (up to 5 minutes),  Artist Name and Song name. Optional, you can add your logo.

Anything longer or complex, like lyric videos, please contact first.

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1 review for Sphere – Stunning Music Visualization That Reacts to Your Music

  1. 5 out of 5


    Amazing job, I absolutely recommend. 15/10 would recommend.

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